Meadow Restoration and Creation


Guide to making a mini-meadow in your garden.

Dartmoor National Park

The Dartmoor National Park Authority has various pages on its website of interest to meadow makers:

Hay meadows on Dartmoor

Delivery Plan for Rhos Pasture (PDF) and Moor than Meets the Eye Rhos Pasture restoration project

Magnificent Meadows

A brilliant site by Plantlife, with clear, yet detailed advice on all facets of meadow management.


National charity to raise profile, celebrate beauty and protect the future of meadows, wildflowers, plants and fungi.

Nature-friendly Farming

Knepp Estate

A large arable estate in Sussex that has been wilded over the last 15 years – and is now more profitable.

Magnificent Meadows (Rye Grass)

Is the rye-grass always greener? An evidence review of the nutritional, medicinal and production value of species-rich grassland. (PDF)

Pasture Promise

Inspirational organic farmer in Wiltshire with restored meadows.

Wildlife and Countryside Link

How a commercial silage crop can provide a diverse range of grassland. The wider use of legume-and-herb-rich swards could contribute significantly to the creation of ecological networks. (PDF)

Plant Identification

Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland Wildflower Finder

A guide to the wildflowers of Britain and Ireland.

Wildflower Hour

Image sharing, plant identification and a podcast.

Rural Skills

Devon Hedge Group

Hedge management advice and training

Devon Rural Skills Trust

Dry stone walling, coppicing and other rural skills

Wildlife of Meadows

Barn Owl Trust

Barn owls and rough pasture – find out how to create and manage this important foraging habitat.

BTO Skylarks

Do you have arable farmland as well as meadows? Consider providing a skylark plot for these once common birds.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Find out how meadows and pasture can be created and managed for bumblebees.

Butterfly Conservation (Dartmoor Fritillaries)

The rare Fritillary butterflies of Dartmoor rely on bracken and Rhôs pasture. (PDF)

Butterfly Conservation (Habitat Management)

Many butterflies are grassland specialists – find out about their habitat requirements.

Dartmoor House Martin Project

House martins, swallows and swifts – find out here how to identify them. These insect-eating birds depend on meadows as their larder.

Devon Bat Project

Meadows are a crucial habitat for foraging bats – hire a detector to survey your meadow.

Devon Bat Project / Devon Wildlife Trust

Guide to species-rich grassland management. (PDF)

Devon Bird Atlas

Shows the distribution and abundance of birds in Devon.

iRecord Butterflies

A free app from Butterfly Conservation, iRecord Butterflies, is available for identifying and recording butterflies.


A friendly and free community helping to identify wildlife and share nature.

RSPB Cuckoos

Understanding the decline of cuckoos. How large hairy caterpillars that live in meadows are a main food source for adult birds.

State of Nature Report

The State of Nature report brings together data and expertise from over 50 conservation organisations, providing an update on how wildlife is faring across the UK.

Swifts need help

I run Kingsteignton Swifts.

Swifts have declined by over 50% in the last 20 years. In 2022 they were added to the red list of Birds of Conservation Concern .i.e. they are at risk of going extinct as a breeding species in Britain. Swifts join the likes of the nightingale and turtle dove.  You can help these amazing birds by simple actions such as putting up swift nest boxes on the wall of your house.

For help and advice or if you would like a talk on swifts please contact me, Alistair Whybrow, on

UK Butterflies

Larval foodplants – Find out which plants in your meadow plants are needed by the caterpillars of which butterflies.

More Resources help and information



A local network of organisations and individuals with skills and services to help those members who would like help managing their grasslands and boundaries

Orchid walk at Deer Park Farm

Courses and Workshops

Links to organisations providing useful courses and workshops

Videos: Talks and Workshops

Online videos of some of our talks and workshops

'Meadows' by George Peterken

Recommended Books

Catch up on your reading when the British weather means you can't be out in the meadow!

Seed Suppliers

Organisations and companies supplying seeds for meadow creation


Suppliers of useful tools and equipment

PDFs and Other Downloads

Links to online PDF files for download

Meadow people

Other Meadows Groups

Links to other meadows groups around the country


Online audio podcasts related to meadows