Meadows Map

The Meadows Map shows the locations of meadows on Dartmoor, and now also within Devon as a whole. Building up a network of meadows in close proximity to each other is important for wildlife, enabling them to move about through ‘wildlife corridors’.

Meadow makers can also see the proximity of their meadows in relation to others, encouraging greater potential for sharing of information, contractors and grazing.

Please note the vast majority of these meadows are privately owned and there is no public access.  However, several of them open as part of Open Meadows in summer, so check out the Events page frequently.

On the map, a meadow which shows with a green flag is within the Dartmoor National Park. A meadow with a blue flag is within Devon but outside the Dartmoor National Park.

So far, within the Dartmoor National Park, 272 meadows have been submitted, with a total area of 1088 acres

In addition, within the rest of Devon but outside the Dartmoor National Park, 164 meadows have been submitted, with a total area of 561 acres

Click on a marker to view details of that meadow. You can zoom in and out and scroll the map to view all meadows.

Add your meadow

Are you a meadow maker? Click here to submit your meadow to the Meadows Map to help us build up a picture of the extent of Dartmoor and Devon’s meadows.