About us

Brimpts Meadow open day
Photo: Wendy Searle Photography

The Moor Meadows community group was established in 2015 by a small friendly group of local people on Dartmoor. Our aim is to help each other in conserving, restoring and creating wildflower rich grasslands in the landscape of Dartmoor and beyond.

We are a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers passionate about meadows. A meadows email exchange forum was set up so members can communicate with each other, plus a series of Meadow Open Days, informative talks, inspirational conferences and practical workshops in order to increase wildlife knowledge and habitat management skills.

Our Steering Group are all meadow makers helping to develop and support the project: Donna Cox (Chair), Jackie Crook (Secretary), David Crook (Finances), Steve Pollard, Nicky Scott, Clare Holyroyd and Chantal Sorrel.

Our mission is to celebrate the wonderful diversity of native plants and wildlife to be found in meadows and to help reverse the trend of wildlife declines.

Using a sweepnet in the meadow
Photo: Wendy Searle Photography
Dave Goulson at the 2017 Meadows conference
Dave Goulson at the 2017 Meadows conference (photo: Chris Chapman)