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Devil's Bit Scabious

Key Facts About Meadows

Ten key facts about meadows and the flora and fauna they support

A restored Dartmoor hay meadow in early June

What is a Meadow?

We asked renowned ecologist George Peterken to explain what a meadow is

Meadow Creation and Management

All the help and advice you need, whether you intend to restore acres of grassland, or simply want to create a meadow in your garden

Five spot burnet

Life in the Meadow

Find out about the incredible diversity of life to be found in a Dartmoor meadow

Wet wildflower meadow

Where to Visit a Meadow

Several owners lead walks and talks around their meadows, sharing their passion and knowledge during Open Meadows days

Scything workshop


Lots of useful links to books, courses, workshops, contractors, videos, podcasts, websites, seed and equipment suppliers, and other meadows groups

Dartmoor Churchyards Project

A collaboration with the charity Caring for God's Acre to survey the plants and insects in Dartmoor's ancient churchyards