Add Your Meadow to the Map

Help us build up a picture of the extent of meadows across Dartmoor and its environs by submitting your meadow to the Dartmoor Meadows Map. The map shows the collective effort being made to create a nature-rich Dartmoor.

How to add your meadow

  • Search for your address or postcode or click on the map or drag the marker to set the location of your meadow.
  • Use the + and – symbols to zoom in and out. If needed, use your mouse to drag the map to the area you want to zoom.
  • Click to set the exact location of your meadowPlace the marker as accurately as possible.
  • When you place the marker, the address may change. Don’t worry about this, the position of the marker is much more important than the address shown being correct. We use the latitude and longitude, not the address, to display your meadow on the public map.
  • Please complete the form below the map. Your name and contact details will not be shown publicly.
  • Your submission will be reviewed before being added to the map by meadow owner David Crook of Buckfastleigh.
  • You can add as many meadows as you have, please submit the details for each one separately.
  • Public Information

    The following details will be shown on the public Dartmoor meadows map
  • Please choose a unique name for your meadow, for example: Tor Farm upper meadow, Sarah's Postbridge Meadow, etc
  • Please select all that apply. For more information on meadow types, please click here (the link opens in a new window)
  • Please give the approximate size in acres (one acre = 0.4 hectares). If you're not sure of the acreage of your meadow, you can accurately measure it using the brilliant Google Maps Area Calculator Tool (link opens in a new window).
    Please enter a number from 0.01 to 1000.
  • (optional) A few words to describe your meadow
  • Private Information

    The following details will not be shown on the public Dartmoor meadows map
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.