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Meadows Conference, Dartmoor

Here are some highlights from the many talks and events organised by Moor Meadows:


The Story of Knepp and Rewilding, with Charlie Burrell              Chagford, Dartmoor

The Meadow Makers’ Gathering 2019, Langaford Farm, Dartmoor Upstairs, Downstairs: Life above and below ground in a meadow

Harvest Mouse workshop. Moor Meadows and Devon Mammal Group’s Harvest Mouse Project teamed up to provide a free training session on the elusive and tiny harvest mouse.

The Meadow Makers’ Forum – The Secret Life of Meadows 2019, Woodah Farm, Dartmoor

The Secret World of Wild Bees and other pollinators: two talks by naturalists Brigit Strawbridge Howard and John Walters

A Celebration of Wildflower Meadows, a presentation by Peter Burgess, Conservation Director, Devon Wildlife Trust, on the wide diversity of meadows and pastures in Devon and how they can be restored.

A talk by Audrey Compton on The restoration of the meadows at Deer Park Farm, a County Wildlife Site

Meadow Specialist Butterflies, at talk by Simon Phelps, Butterfly Conservation

The Moths of Meadows, a talk by Simon Phelps, Butterfly Conservation

More Meadows for Barn Owls, a talk by David Ramsden Barn Owl Trust

Dartmoor’s Threatened Butterflies, a talk by Megan Lowe, Butterfly Conservation

Help Turn Dartmoor into a Bee Nature Reserve, Bumblebee Conservation Trust

How to Create a Wildlife Garden, a talk by naturalist John Walters

Nature Friendly Farming, a talk by Rebecca Hosking MBE

The Birds of Meadows, a talk by naturalist John Walters

An Introduction to Wildflower Meadows, a talk by broadcaster Stephen Moss

A Community Meadow, a talk by Nicky Scott on Chagford’s community meadow

How to Create a Meadow, from a plot in the garden or on several acres, a talk by Charles Flower

How to Manage a Meadow, a talk by ecologist Sue Everett

Natural Beekeeping, a talk by Dartmoor honeybee expert Phil Chandler

How to Manage your Churchyard for People and Nature, Harriet Carty, Caring for God’s Acre

A first meeting in April 2015 – A Celebration of Wildflower Meadows, in Scoriton Village Hall with renowned ecologist, George Peterken, author of the definitive guide with presentations on meadows restoration by Donna Cox and Lynne Kenderdine


Dartmoor Meadows Festival 2017 – a series of open days and workshops throughout June culminating in the Meadow Makers’ Conference held on lst July to co-incide with National Meadows Day

Bumble Bee Identification workshop

Learn how to scythe – beginners’ workshops (seven workshops have trained 64 people to scythe)

Wildflower identification workshop for beginners

Grassland Assessment and Monitoring workshop

Grasses identification workshop for beginners

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