New online Meadow-Makers’ Forum

We are helping to support the formation of regional community groups of meadow-makers around Devon, to support the creation, restoration and celebration of meadows. A grant of £5,000 from the Devon Environment Foundation has enabled us to create an online platform where all meadows groups can meet online and share information Meadow-Makers’ Forum

The Forum is for people who currently manage wildflower meadows and anyone who wants to create wildflower-rich grassland of any size. Membership is free and people can find or share resources and advice on managing a meadow, including where to source wildflower seeds and find help identifying the wild plants and creatures in their meadows.

There are also opportunities to join or even start up local groups of meadow makers in different parts of the county. Regional groups will enable local people working hard for nature to connect, run practical training sessions such as scything and plant ID, hold Open Meadow days and informative talks for their community, all with the support of the Meadow-Makers’ Network

Brimpts Farm hay meadow: Wendy Searle